The Marygrove ITS Department is provided by Ellucian. The function of the ITS Department is to assist, promote, and develop the critical information technology structure of the campus.

On this site you will find the information you need to assist you in using the different types of software and services the ITS department supports.

Please note that the ITS department does not support hardware that is not owned by the college. We cannot repair personal devices such as laptops and cell phones. We do however assist in setting up services such as e-mail on your personal device.

For assistance with:

  • Building maintenance
  • Dorm room maintenance
  • Office/furniture moves
  • ID Cards
  • Power Outages

Please send an email to:

Service Request

If you are encountering IT related problems, please call the Service Desk at (866) 749-8236 or if on-campus dial x1282

Media cart requests must be made 2 business days in advance. Please keep in mind that the ITS department does not provide the portable projector screen,speakers, or microphone. Projector screens needed for the main dining hall, Denk Champan room, and Alumni Hall are provided by Elite. Please call Paul Paparell at 1407 for those items. A media cart consists of a computer and projector. A TV cart request is for a big screen TV and DVD player. Click here to put in the request or call (313)927-1282 or toll free at (877) 448-1767

This is for report requests for report manager. When filling out the ticket for a report request please include which folder you would like the report uploaded to and what you would like the report to be called. If the report itself is time sensitive (meaning you need it by a certain date) please include that information in the ticket. Click here to put in the request or call (313)927-1282 or toll free at (877) 448-1767.

For requests to upgrade specific software pieces such as Firefox, Java, Adobe Flash, etc please click on the link below. For requests to have new software installed please keep the following criteria in mind:

  1. Make sure the software is owned by the college. Some software solutions may only be used for home or trial purposes and cannot be used for actual work and/or business.
  2. Make sure your department has the proper licensing for the software. This includes necessary product activation keys or other ways to activate/verify that the software piece has been properly licensed.
  3. Make sure the software can be used for business purposes if that's how it's intended to be used.
  4. Software purchases must be approved by your department head.

Click here to put in the service request or call (313)927-1282 or toll free at (877) 448-1767.

For requests to move office PC's, printers, and phones please keep the following in mind before placing in the request:

  1. The ITS Department does not move furniture. Moving furniture is done by facilities. Please make sure the room already has the furniture in place.
  2. Make sure the room has the proper data and phone ports. If it does not cabling maybe required which will delay the moving process.
  3. Please consider the layout of the room. Make sure that the furniture is properly positioned so that electrical cords and strips can be properly plugged in. Also keep in mind where you would want your computer placed on your desk as well as any printer or phones. The closer your electrical ports are to your phone and data ports, the better.
  4. Please give the ITS department at least one week notice for PC moves.

Click here to put in the request or call (313)927-1282 or toll free at (877) 448-1767.

Marygrove College's web services such as e-mail and Web Advisor require that you be either a current student or an alumni. If you haven't taken classes in a year you are considered a returning student. If you are a returning student you need to contact the registrar's office in order to get back into our system.

Once the registrar assists you allow 24 hours for processing in order to gain back access to Web Advisor, e-mail, blackboard, etc.

If your department requires a new type of software, or additional software licenses, your department head must approve of this. Once approved the ITS department can purchase and install the software for you. Please take into consideration need and cost. Also there maybe open source alternatives you can use. Keep in mind that Windows 7 64-bit is the standard on all Marygrove computers. Make sure that the software you are requesting is compatible with this.

Click here to put in the request or call (313)927-1282 or toll free at (877) 448-1767.

VPN Access is available to Faculty and Staff. VPN Access allows you to connect to Marygrove resources while off-campus.

This would be necessary if you need to access web based applications which are only available on Marygrove's network (such as Datatel and Report Manager).

Click here to put in the request for VPN access and software or call (313)927-1282 or toll free at (877) 448-1767.