Microsoft Outlook 2010 has many side features that many people don't know about. The purpose of this page is to show you a few useful things you may not know about Outlook 2010.

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Have you ever sent out an email you regretted within an organization? Most people don't know you can actually recall messages you sent. Keep the following in mind when using the recall function:

  1. This function only works for internal Marygrove emails. If you send and email to an outside organization or another email service such as Yahoo or Google the recall function WILL NOT WORK.
  2. If the receiver opens the message before you use the recall function, IT WILL NOT WORK
  3. If you send an email to a group or distribution list you can recall the email except for an individual who has already opened it

A good way to keep your email organized is through creating folders. You can create folders within your inbox and even create subfolders within those folders. The above video demonstrates how to accomplish this.

Categories can make it easier to find and organize your messages. Applying a category is much like moving a message to a folder, but with one important difference: You can apply multiple categories to any message. For example, if you received a message about an upcoming sales meeting, you could apply both the Sales and Meetings categories. Categories are designed to work any way you want it's easy to rename categories, choose new category colors, and even create new categories.

Do you have a group of people that you constantly talk to? Creating contact groups is a great way to be able to manage emails you send to the right people.

Often you will need to meet an individual or a group of people. Outlook allows you to create meeting requests which can be sent to an individual, multiple people or groups.