How to Access Office 365 - Off Campus


Open a web browser and go to


  Enter your username and initial password and click on Sign in.

Use the initial password provided to you in the pre-migration verification email in your Merit Mail account.  If you require further assistance, please contact the Service Desk at x1282 or toll free at (877) 448-1767.





 Change your password

 a.    Enter your username

b.    Enter the initial password provided to you

c.    Enter a new password

d.    Enter your new password to confirm your new password



Note: To meet the requirements of a strong password, a new password must consist of all of the following:

-       8 to 16 characters

-       Must contain an uppercase and lowercase letter

-       At least one number

-       Cannot contain your username, first name or last name

-       Cannot contain common dictionary words








Once your password is changed, a confirmation message will be displayed

Click OK

***Close the web browser***


Go to




Enter your Office 365 ID then click the password field, Your Office 365 ID consists of your desktop username + “” (i.e



Press the Tab or Enter key.  You will be prompted to enter your Marygrove username and password to login at


Click the “Sign in at” to enter your Marygrove username and password



TIP: you do not need to enter your Office 365 ID, only the first part as in the example above


If you enter in the wrong password or username, an error will be displayed:

After successfully logging in, the Office 365 start page will display