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Logging On To Marygrove College Technology Resources

To access login pages, use the Quick Links on this page or access the links from the Marygrove College website in Quick Links or the Current Student tab.

Access to Marygrove Email, Office 365 Apps, Marygrove Self-Service, Colleague UI and Canvas Online Learning uses the same Marygrove Online login form with your Marygrove Online Username in the form of and password.

NOTE: If you do not see the login page below or are not prompted to login, open your browser in incognito/InPrivate browsing.

Enter your Marygrove Online Username in the form of

Marygrove Online Username

Enter your password.

Marygrove Online Password

Access to Blackboard and Marygrove College Library systems use separate login forms using the same username (without the and password.

Username logins

If encounter issues logging in, please use the Marygrove Help Desk links on this page to open a ticket.

Technology Services Help

If you are encountering a technology related Incident or would like to submit a Technology Service Request, please use one of the following methods to submit a Help Desk ticket:

For assistance with Property Management, please send an email to