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Setting Up Your New Marygrove College Account

Welcome to Marygrove College!

This guide will assist in setting up your new Marygrove College account and password that will be used to access all Marygrove College technology resources for both on-campus and off-campus.

In the information you received, you should have a section that contains your Marygrove username and initial password. If any of this information is missing, please use the Technology Services Help phone numbers or links on this page to open a support ticket for assistance before continuing. Otherwise, follow the steps below.

From the Quick Links on this page, access Marygrove Email for the Marygrove Online login form and enter your Marygrove Online Username in the form of

NOTE: If you do not see the login page below or are not prompted to login, open your browser in incognito/InPrivate browsing.

Marygrove Online Username

Enter the initial password provided.

Marygrove Online Password

You will be prompted to change your password. Enter in the initial password as the Current password then enter in a new password in both the New password and Confirm password prompts. If your new password does not meet password requirements, you will be prompted to enter in a new password again.

Once your new password is set, you will use your new password along with your username or your Marygrove Online username ( to log into all Marygrove Technology resources.

Marygrove Online Password

If encounter issues logging in, please use the Marygrove Help Desk links on this page to open a ticket or contact the Marygrove Help Desk for assistance.

Technology Services Help

If you are encountering a technology related Incident or would like to submit a Technology Service Request, please use one of the following methods to submit a Help Desk ticket:

For assistance with Property Management, please send an email to