Marygrove's I.T department provided by Caretech Solutions™.Besides the help desk Caretech has on campus staff on site. Below is the team:

Name Position About
Mitch Miller Director of ITS Mitch is the director of ITS. He oversees all functioning of the ITS department. Along with Marygrove he also manages other ITS services for other clients of Caretech Solutions.
Robert Kucharski Datatel Administrator Robert is one of the Datatel administrators who also is involved with field support. Writing reports for report manager is another role he takes on.
Tyrone McEntire Blackboard Administrator Tyrone is the Blackboard Administrator. He's the person you want to talk to when it comes to issues pertaining to Blackboard. He also oversees all the smart classrooms ensuring they work properly.
Ahlem Diomande Senior Datatel Administrator Ahlem is the senior Datatel Administrator. She works closely with the end users and takes care of issues that pertain to the functioning of Colleague Datatel.
Philip Syme Applications Programmer II Phil is the Datatel programmer. He writes code that goes to the very core of Datatel. Any additions or adjustments that need to be made to Datatel itself he takes care of.
Ava Flowers ITS Projector Coordinator Ava is the ITS project coordinator. She is the primary field support technician who troubleshoots issues and serves the end user directly. She also oversees projects that are currently underway.
Brent Brown Systems Administrator Brent is the Systems Administrator. He is primarily responsible for administrating the phone systems at Marygrove. Along with the phone systems he does other Systems Administration such as planning upgrades, cabling, and repairing hardware.
Jason McNeal Network Administrator Jason is the Network Administrator. He oversees the functioning of Marygrove's internet infrastructure and manages all the servers.