Computer Usage Policy

This establishes guidelines and codes of conduct appropriate to the use of computer resources at Marygrove College.

Computing and networking resources are provided for Marygrove College students, faculty and staff (the college community) for a wide variety of purposes. These resources are limited, and how each individual uses them may impact the work of other members of the community and beyond, as our campus network is connected (through the Internet) to other networks worldwide. It is important that everyone using these resources be aware of what constitutes proper use and behavior.

The following guidelines are suggested behavior for the use of Marygrove computer resources.

The following are considered computer violations:

The following information is focused on the privacy of files and e-mail.

Violations and Sanctions

Users who violate the policies outlined in this document and/or the code of student conduct are subject to sanctions. If a user is found in violation of a these policies, Technology Services will notify the appropriate supervisor (Vice President of Student Affairs for students) for suitable action. The supervisor must report back to Technology Services (and for employees, the Director of Human Resources) the remedy for the violation. Users should also be aware that they may be subject to prosecution according to Michigan Law and legal action by the owners and licensors of proprietary software for violation of copyright laws and licensing agreements

Policy adopted by Senior Staff 12/19/2000